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“I’ve been overweight all of my life.  I started my weight-loss journey when I hit 317lbs in 2008.  For someone who is 5’7.5” tall that’s a lot of excess weight.

I‘ve tried LapBand, Medifast, and Personal Trainer.  Each of these lowered my weight but I would eventually plateau.  Then I found CrossFit.

I started CrossFit weighing 260lbs.  After a few months, I saw more of the changes that I wanted.  As with everything until this point, I eventually hit a plateau.  The lowest I got to was 222 before my weight crept back up to 244.  Enter Old Glory Gym…

OGG is not your typical box with your typical programming.  It’s extremely challenging.  You take one look at that whiteboard and you go “we’re doing ALL of THAT?! …in an HOUR?!  But wait… the warm-up IS a workout!”  Yeah, that was my first reaction.  It definitely was hard, it was challenging.  And boy was I sore that first month (this coming from the guy who rarely gets sore).  But it has paid off.  This programming combined with the nutrition challenge OGG ran, I’m now down to 216lbs AND I’ve maintained my strength and improved my gymnastics and cardiovascular system.  I can say without a doubt that I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without the support of the community at OGG as well as that of the coaches.

I cannot stress enough how amazing the coaching staff is.  Jason has surrounded himself with a top staff.  They are all knowledgeable and excellent communicators.  The best part? They do the workouts too.  I know for me that makes a huge difference.  They know what you’re going through, they’ve been there and can give you the advice and encouragement you need to make it through.

I’m finding that there’s a lot that I can do now that I couldn’t before.  Like strict handstand push-ups or strict weighted pull-ups and dips.  It’s amazing how much of a difference losing weight can make.  But it’s not just the weight, it’s also the confidence gained from being challenged by the programming and the staff to try new, and sometimes scary, things.  And though I’m not yet at my goal weight, I’m sure I’m at the right gym to get there.

– Taylor Wise


“I have struggled with my weight all my life and, for months, I was having stomach issues. I felt horrible. I was always tired and in a state of depression which had me feeling sad, lonely and unmotivated to do anything other than going to work. Then, on May 7, 2016, I decided it was time for me to take control of my life and be alive, again. I began my journey by eating a diet low in carbs, cutting processed foods, sugars, dairy and grains out of my diet.  I was basically following the Paleo diet.

In the first month, I lost 25lbs, with minimal exercise.  In Early June, I saw an advertisement on Facebook about a CrossFit Challenge for a woman with Coach Jason.  I didn’t know much about CrossFit, but I love a challenge and I knew I had to step up my exercise routine.  I went for it!  I walked in the door that first day not sure what I got myself into. It was a struggle.  I hadn’t worked that hard – ever.  But, from the beginning, Coach Jason supported me, motivated me and always believed in me more than I believed in myself.

I have been a member of a gym, before, but being a member of Old Glory Gym is so much more.  We are family. I am continuously challenged, stretched, and encouraged to do my best to my coaches and all the other athletes.  It is a support system like no other. The coaches and athletes are genuine, caring, and so much fun!  At OGG you will get your butt kicked.  You will feel miserable.  You may even cry.  You will learn to love the pain.  You will look forward to the next WOD, reach your goals, and set new PRs.  You will become stronger and faster.  My life would not be the same without OGG.  I am in the best shape of my life and stronger than I could have ever imagined.   I have lost a total of 89lbs, so far. Most importantly, I have gained confidence, lifelong friendships, the ability to kick ass and, I have my life back! OGG has set the standard and you will not regret joining this box! “

– Yvette Montoya

post2 “Having been obese for as long as I can remember, and topping the scales at over 335 pounds at my heaviest, I never enjoyed walking into a gym. Judgmental people and a fundamental lack of knowledge about what the various “globo gym” machines could actually DO for me continued to feed a negative lifestyle. BUT – that all changed the moment I took a chance and stepped into Old Glory Gym.

Having lost over 100 pounds, but struggling to get to the healthy, fit me I knew I could be, I took a chance and grabbed a friend to enroll in Old Glory Gym’s “New You Challenge.” Owner and Coach Jason was someone I instantly “clicked” with, and knew that I was in for a radically different “gym” experience than I’d ever faced. That was 8 months ago. At Old Glory Gym, I found my tribe – women, and men, in all shapes and sizes, genuinely welcoming me into their community. I found coaches who were the perfect mix of knowledgeable, support and humor. I found a rigorous and challenging experience in CrossFit, where I learned how to be the athlete I always knew I could be. I learned new ways of eating that would help me get to a healthy weight, and continue to tone up the areas that need work.

Today, I’m 180 pounds and working steadily toward both my goal weight and the healthy, strong woman I’ve always dreamed of being. I actually ENJOY going to Old Glory Gym multiple times a week and know that I can drop into any class, any day, and find a group of people ready to cheer me on. Old Glory Gym has become a welcome break from my crazy work life, and it’s transformed me into a better person – both inside and out.
I just finished competing in my first CrossFit Open Games – and that’s not something I would ever have dreamed of doing! I’m not the fastest, strongest, nor fittest…but I know that my OGG tribe, the awesome coaches, and the continued dedication to my own self-improvement will help me suck a little less every day!”

– Joia Jones

post2 “They say the basis of the “CrossFit Lifestyle” is the emphasis on community.  It’s being part of something that makes you feel better both physically and emotionally. It’s finding that strength comes not only from the exertion of muscles but also from the support of others.  

A lot of CrossFit boxes strive to possess this mantra.  Some succeed; some fail.  In my years of being a part of this whole cultural explosion, I have had the luxury of being part of those boxes that fail.  I say luxury because it helped me realize just how truly special Old Glory Gym is.  My wife and I joined OGG in search of reassurance that good coaching, good programming, good ownership and a good facility were factors that could all co-exist. Our hesitance was strong (thanks to the box we had previously left), but also short-lived, as Jason and the rest of the staff wasted no time showing us that the factors not only exist; they continually excel.

It all starts with the owner – someone who puts EVERY member’s feelings ahead of his own, and more times than not seems like a regular athlete as opposed to the person running the show.  He’s passionate, dedicated and above all else, he motivates you more than anyone you’ll ever meet.  The show he runs can’t be handled alone though, as he has managed to gather the best coaches and staff I’ve ever known.  They make each class unique and seem to keep the box looking (and working) like the well-oiled machine.  The programming is tough, without being overwhelming.

You don’t feel out of your league (regardless of the “league” you feel you are part of).  You WILL get stronger, you WILL become more confident and you WILL find yourself progressing the way you hoped to when you began the journey.  I could keep going on and on about OGG; about the facility itself, the social aspect that compliments the physicality and about the family atmosphere you find yourself consumed by.  Instead, I’ll just suggest you stop in.  Come with an open mind and an eagerness to work hard.  Come be a part of something that makes you feel better both physically and emotionally.  Come be a part of our “Community”.  After all, that’s what CrossFit is about!!”

– Kevin Wildman


“As an Olympic lifting training hall Old Glory offers the highest quality equipment, space and training partners a lifter could ask for.  The open gym option is available all day not just at class times and in included in that is the use of 5 platforms, eleiko and pendlay bars and plates, and all the CrossFit, strongman and powerlifting equipment as well.  Truly the best option I’ve found in Northern Virginia and good enough to warrant the 1-hour drive from home.”

– Nate Schwartz

post2 “My experience with Old Glory gym has been nothing short of amazing! I have found a place to Crossfit where I feel comfortable, challenged and safe. I say comfortable because Jason has strived to make Old Glory a welcoming environment where everyone is welcomed regardless of where you are starting your fitness journey. I say challenged because as a competitive athlete, I feel supported and pushed to work harder, so as to make me stronger, faster and ready for competitions. I say safe because I feel as though the coaches really get to know each member and they work hard to make sure that you are working at the right capacity.

My background was in competitive gymnastics. I started at age 3 and continued throughout college. I received a full athletic scholarship to GW in gymnastics. They are currently ranked 20th in the country in Division I gymnastics! Go GEE DUB! I was also a professional athlete for the GRID team the Baltimore Anthem. I competed with them for a year as a Masters athlete on their team. What an experience! I am a wife, mom to 2 daughters and a teacher.
Old glory has everything you need to get healthy and fit. Their equipment is new and well taken care of. Their facility is clean and maintained. Their coaches are certified and knowledgeable in the areas that they teach. They have a community that supports each other every day. Jason is always giving back to his members and athletes at the gym.

I enjoy old Glory so much that I have convinced my husband and daughters to join in too! Our daughters take the strength and conditioning classes that are offered and it really helps them in their respective sports. This Crossfit box is definitely worth checking out! You won’t be disappointed!”

– Tracey Kloes