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The Birth of a New Kind of Barbell Club

//The Birth of a New Kind of Barbell Club

The Birth of a New Kind of Barbell Club

The Old Glory Gym Barbell Club’s mission is to improve balance, efficiency and position for intermediate to advanced athletes as they work to build success on the competition platform. Our Olympic lifting sessions meet weekly on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6-8pm and Sunday from 9-11am.

We categorize Olympic lifting athletes as novice, intermediate and advanced based on their time on the platform and competitive history in the sport. We have a solution for everyone who wants to be a better lifter!

Evaluation and Olympic Lifting Sessions for Experienced Lifters:

We categorize an Intermediate lifter is one who has more than 3 months of Olympic lifting and has received formal coaching. Advanced lifters have extensive experience both training and on the competitive platform; competing at regional and national level competitions. Intermediate  lifters who are new to our program should schedule an evaluation session with one of our barbell club coaches prior to registering or attending any of our Olympic lifting sessions. If you are an advanced lifter presently competing, contact us about our accelerated entrance program.

Skills Sessions for the Novice Lifter:

A Novice lifter is one who has fewer than 3 months of Olympic lifting with no formal training or coaching outside of CrossFit or other exercise programs. Whether the goal is to assimilate into the barbell program and eventually compete or simply improve your Olympic lifts for CrossFit classes, the most successful route is one-on-one skills sessions to accommodate your goals. Each 30 or 60 minute session with a coach completely focusses on your individual needs while giving you the time under tension needed to improve technique and confidence.

Individualized Programming:

We offer individualized structured programming geared towards your next competition for the flat rate of $100 monthly.

To schedule or inquire about our programs or skills sessions, email us at [email protected]